My Works

So far, I have been published in newspapers–a human interest article in the NEW BRAUNFELS HERALD-ZEITUNG and an op-ed piece in the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS.

You can find an updated version of the op-ed piece on this website. The title is “Following Senseless Language Rules to Avoid Criticism.” I’ve been told it is quite funny.

In 2014 I plan to publish an audio book entitled IF I SURVIVED THIRTY YEARS OF TEACHING, SO CAN YOU: THREE DECADES OF MISTAKES, MISHAPS, AND MISSTEPS. I envision people driving down the highway laughing at the crazy things that happened to me–and the ones that I caused. I am in the process of recording the work for publication on the five audio sites, such as and iTunes.

In  2014 I plan to publish a novel about a funny female private eye set in San Antonio, Texas, my current hometown. I know it’s funny because people in critique groups laughed when they read my chapters. I am in the final phase of the revision process. My main character is a cross between Stephanie Plum and Kinsey Milhone.

I also hope to publish my children’s picture book on manners. It is titled MARTHA AND MARVIN: TWO MONKEYS TEACH MANNERS, and it is set to music.

I will update this page as my plans progress.

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4 thoughts on “My Works

  1. Hi Marilyn: Your meetup is tempting. I do like the friendliness, interest in others writers, their writings your invitation exudes. I am reticent about attending having walked away from similar workshop efforts that bordered on ego driven hazings. And I have to cope with Parkinsons which means my wife Clovis would need to attend with me. Saturday arrives soon. I look forward to hearing back from you if you can abide this old fella , Cheers Phil
    PS I’ve books on under my full name

    • I really enjoyed your work. I especially loved the ducks. I would like to invite you to the San Antonio Writers’ Guild meeting on May 2nd at 7 p.m. The site is We would love to see you there.

  2. Hi, Marilyn.
    I think it was your sister Evelyn who worked as a part-time cashier at the Otis Stahl Pharmacy on 25th Street in Waco. Maybe it was you. I sometimes hung out at the soda fountain while waiting for my father who worked nearby. Whichever it was who worked there, I used to have long rambling conversations with them from time to time. I had not thought of this until I reconnected with Patricia O’Neal who apparently was friends with both of you at Waco High. Patricia was a pivotal figure in my life and figures prominently in a rite-of-passage memoir about growing up in Waco that will be out this summer. She says she lost track of the two of you. She now lives in Northwest Arkansas. I became an author and journalist and live in Southern California. I would love to reconnect to the person I knew from the drug store. I can be reached at and you can read about Patricia and the growing up book at
    Tony Castro

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